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click for picture galleryand then put on something 90s for me baby and walk it around in a circle. It's me, I'm updating after another lovely 1589 bash. The 90's Party 2: Electric Boogaloo. I missed the first 90's party, last semester, because I had the mono. But this time I was set to rock like it 1991 and Nevermind was changing the world.

I went as Kurt Cobain. Let me set you straight here, I love theme parties, I like getting compliments for creativity, it's something that I consider myself halfway adept at. So costume parties are always a good idea as far as I am concerned. There have always been two people that I have wanted an excuse to dress up as, Groucho Marx and Kurt Cobain. Two of my heros, two relatively distinctive figures, two costumes that I have now thoroughly rocked into danwho history.

My dad was the one who got me into grunge rock when it burst on the scene, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden and the like. I always tell people that and they go "wow, your dad is cool" and he is, so now I've told you, so feel free to react the way you feel necessary.

Throughout the night I got plenty of "Yeaahhh Kurt Cobain, you rock" 's and some "With the lights out, it's less dangerous" 's but I would have to say that I got way too many "Hey who's that girl supposed to be?" 's and "You're a pretty lady" 's. And one "Don't mack it to that girl, she's busted" to Ed while I was talking to him.

The party was pretty huge for a thursday night the week before finals and 4 kegs got kicked very quickly. It was impossible to move around with all those animals and wearing a wig, a sweater and jeans, I was dying inside so I spent most of the night outside on the lawn.

Hours later and I'm still brushing hair out of my eyes feeling like I'm wearing the wig, but I'm not wearing it...It's like when you go roller skating and hours later you still feel like you're wearing the skates...which is a fitting analogy because Michael P Keown was saying how when all your eyes could see was 90s with the timeless music playing that it felt like a rollerrink.

More than anything the point of the update is to grab your attention for a second so you go look at the new picture gallery from the night. So go look, its not like its difficult to click and look.

I'm gonna go, I have to clean the spraypaint off my wall in my room that says "Danwho Smells like Right Guard." oooh obscure reference...
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