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Hi thanks for coming,

Perhaps you've noticed the new digs, so I guess there's no point in getting right down to business without first acknowledging the fact that the landscape is a little different. So I have a new layout, "Isn't it great, it's my birthday gift, to me..ahhh I'm soo haaappy."

Today, April 28th, is my birthday, don't be fooled, it's just another day. I've never been that big on my birthday. Don't get me wrong, I'm not one of those people who dreads their birthday for one reason or another. I just can't get that excited about being the center of attention if I haven't done anything worthy of it. But when I'm proud of myself for something and they play my song, I'll dance in the spotlight until the cows come home...and eat everything in your house and leave you explaining to the insurance company why you let cows into the house.

I don't count down the days until the anniversary of my birth because too much anticipation opens the door for a possible let down. I never expect anything special and therefore am pleased by the slightest things...a sunny day, a good parking space, or a flying talking dog that warns me that I'm about to step in a pothole.

Last year I made a point of not telling anyone that my it was my birthday until I had to explain why I was going to pick up a cake, balloon and sub sammich party pack that my mother had sent me. And I had spent the entire day on the quad with Angel, Nicole and Ryan and they did a fantastic job acting shocked when I finally told them halfway through the day that it was in fact my birthday. However my good friend Michael P Keown who is my neighbor back home had already informed everyone that it was my birthday and had arranged a very festive surprise party and during the very hectic week before finals to boot.

I hadn't eaten anything all day and got drunk with ridiculous quickness. Sometime later I did 10 dizzy bat spins and beat the shit out of a pinata. You can click here for a clip of the video of me and the pinata, (video courtesy of James at CannedJam, but hosted on my site to save his bandwidth). Anyway if you think that the best preparation for the future is to learn from the past and really want to know the whole story click here.

Some notables with the same birthday from youngest to oldest are:
  • Jessica Alba (Remember how hot she was in Idle Hands...uuuhhh)
  • Penelope Cruz (How about hat Coca-Cola commercial, the one where she sucks down the coke and burps)
  • Jim Gargiulo (My cousin, one time politician, hockey coach, and all-around good guy)
  • Barry Larkin (Cinncinatti Reds baseball player)
  • Jay Leno (Seems like a good guy but he's no Letterman)
  • Saddaam Hussein (Crazy fuck)
  • James Monroe (5th President)
  • Oskar Schindler (of Schindlers list)

Since I've spent the past week working on the new layout and ignoring the old one, I have stockpiled quite a few updates. Since only one update will be on the main page at a time, I'm not going to throw one a day at you but how about one every other day for 20 days.

Oh and about that, previous updates will be available by clicking the non-highlighted explorer bar at top or going to previous update in the drop down box. So you might want to check it if you haven't been here in a few days and a new update is on the main page. Whatever, shutup. For additional site navigation information see my previous update.
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