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blame it on the lack of talentI'm a little out of it, but look here, it's breaking news. If Cronkite was blitzed when the third world war started, do you think he would just say "I'll tell people tommorow?"

So here's the scoop. I stayed in to watch the World Series (fuck Boston) and Saturday Night Live. Saturday Night Live's musical guest tonight was Ashlee Simpson.

During the first musical performance, of her ridiculously overplayed "Pieces of Mehhhhh," Ashlee just didn't seem natural. I don't really know what she looks like naturally, because I don't really care...but this was painful to watch.

Piyum and I were watching the baseball game with SNL on the Picture In Picture, and were swapping the audio back and forth so we could hear, so our perspective wasn't really the best, but something about the performance just didn't seem right.

So we put her on the big screen for a bit and her lips just didn't seem to match quite right, and her hands were covering her mouth a lot in what seemed like a masking attempt.

We couldn't determine if she was lip-syncing, having something done to change the output her voice as she sung, or singing over a background vocal, but it wasn't really coming off well. Perhaps some sloppy audio technician or whatever, hey it's Live Television.

Well when it was time for the second performance 45 minutes later, the SAME song, "Pieces of Mehhh" started playing, complete with vocals. Ashlee and the band sort of stood around looking at each other, then the vocals faded to much lower volume and Ashlee, embarrassed and confused, tried to do a little jig to kill some time, but the vocals and parts of the music continued playing without the band or singer performing.

Ashlee ended up storming off the stage, as her band mates tried to catch up to the beat with their pantomime playing.

Eventually, SNL cut to commercial, after a hilariously awkward and embarassing few minutes. Some Sloppy Audio Tech indeed. Live Television indeed.

So your're lip-syncing on live television, in order to avoid potential screw-ups? Well that worked out well. Honestly, how do you play the same song a second time?

And then to top it off, at the end of the episode when Jude Law and the cast are saying goodbye, Ashlee blames the band for playing the wrong song, as if we were so stupid, as if to not notice the fact that the music was being pumped in through a speaker, with the band as helpless to change it as she was.

So here's to Ashlee Simpson for being exposed, but not in the sexy way you might hope.

And here's to someone losing their job tonight.

Editors Note: You can get the video at College Humor ---> X
thanks to Bill Kramme, the video and explanation here --->X
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