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Emancipation, or heinous sex crime?
It is with a heavy-heart that I re-enter the update scene, to the placid expressionless reactions of many, only to have to bring you this terrible terrible news: TurkeySub is no longer under our very loving and attentive care.


The magical little creature who's mere existence defied all the odds, and quieted the critics, was released from his cage during the wee hours of friday morning. It is the end of an era. An era of good feelings, hearty belly-laughs and wet mouse shit everywhere.

After a touching bonding session between James, Turkey and I, that including much rough petting and excrement all around, we all retired to our separate chambers/cages safe in the knowledge that we would all be reunited when we awoke.

But those dreams of future playdates quickly turned to nightmares when under the cover of darkness, the very drunk residents of the apartment below us, who had been jumping off their 2nd story balcony into the trees and a pile of old cardboard boxes Piyum had tossed, climbed up onto our 3rd-story balcony and opened turkeysub's cage.

This morning the cage was discovered, door open and turned around 180 degrees from where we had left it, which simply baffled us. Surely, if the mouse had opened his own cage, and crazier things have happened, he wouldn't been able to turn the cage completely around. So we knew that outside forces were involved.

We spent most of the day alternating between accusing each other and looking for clues, all the while hopefully expecting to glance over our shoulders and see a mouse nibbling on somebody's sweater in a pile of dirty clothes.

However James did hypothesize that since the children from downstairs had been so rowdy and were jumping off the balcony, that it was not out of the realm of possibilty that they had climbed up to our balcony, most likely to silence the mouse who would often spend all night running on his noisy wheel.

And sure that was a possible scenario, but really what were the odds. Well with this mouse, we should have known better to side in favor of odds.

This afternoon, while I was creating a memorial to 'the sub' and I overheard the neighbors talking about all the havoc they had reaked during the night, when they happened to let their dirty little deed slip. Case closed, Mystery solved. But the heartache, she remains.

As to what has become or will become of turkey sub is still up for debate, but I'd rather not know the most likely all too horrid details.

I just picture him riding on the back of a duck somewhere, out on open water, daring the world to come take him on, amidst adventures the likes of which are so grand that they've never been documented, because no one would believe tales so tall.


Either that or he's dead. Hawkfood.
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