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Lori Laughlin, Aunt Becky (Rebecca Donaldson-Katsopolis) to you, has a new show, called Summerland and I'm still shocked it didn't happen earlier. I mean she is married to Mossimo Giannulli, the creator of the popular "Mossimo" clothing line, so she probably doesn't have to work consistently, but you'd think she would have had the opportunity to, and most likely have felt the call. Really I bring it up because well it's just that I missed her.

my two favorite full house ladies laughlin and sweetin

She was on the short lived Hudson Street with Tony Danza, and some guest appearances here and there including Seinfeld, but nothing in the way of a series since Full House. I had wondered what had happened to her, there is usually a market for good looking ladies to fill the casts of every generic tv show, I mean it seems like Tiffani-Amber Theissen has showed up in some capacity on every other channel consistently since the Saved By the Bell franchise.

I haven't watched a second of the show, that show being Summerland, other than what is shown in the commercials but from what I can tell from those 30 second ad spots, She looks good, and plays the mom in a good looking family. My take on her character is that she is a cross between 'Mrs Cohen' on the OC and 'The Mom' on 7th Heaven. Just a guess, I never watched 7th Heaven, but I cannot say the same about The OC.

So brace yourself for the, never trite, timeless story of a good looking california lady trying to be a tough but fair mom to children caught up in a land of pretty people dealing with the swells of drama that no doubt take an hour of their time once a week.

those were the days

Well since you twisted my arm, or rather pulled at my back stitches, I did the research. Turns out Aunt Becky is actually playing a cool aunt who inherits her nieces and nephews after her sister and brother-in-law die in an accident. This is filling my nostrils with the stink of familiarity.

Is this the new most cliche plotline in show business? Successful professional living their dream, not tied down to anything, and their life changes dramatically as they inherit some kids and have to learn to cope with reponsibility while attempting to maintain their lifestyle.

I was thinking that in this paragraph that I would offer a list of the countless examples of similar storylines, but if I'm going to do something like that I really should do it right, and that would require a little more research and a lot of both of our time, for me to undertake such a comprehensive collection of information and for you to be put through having to read it. So I'm not going to bother rattling off titles.

Raising Helen...sorry I said I wasn't going to do that...Bernie Mac...Damnit I have trouble with self control...Three Men and A Baby (Little Lady)...Stop, just Stop...

Speaking of rehashed cliches in entertainment, check out this article that is scary word for word what I had halfway written about FOX's third-degree-burn-job Quintuplets. I agree with nearly every word, and while reading it you have my permission to imagine I am sitting on your lap, reading it aloud in my softest sweetest tone. But I'm just reading, it's a great piece by Justin Rebello and I planned on prefacing it by giving credit where due.
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